Welcome To Merl DIY

If you are a homeowner, then there is one thing I know FOR SURE that we can agree on:

There is always something that needs to be fixed!

Leaky pipes, broken outlets, appliances, paint touch up, drywall repair, etc etc etc.  The list goes on.  But if you know how to handle these problems, they can actually be relatively easy to fix.

Here you will find useful information, tips, tricks, and anything else I think home owners and DIYers would be interested in.  I’m a home owner with a little bit of experience from job’s I have held in the past, but I am DEFINITELY not a expert.  However, there are things that need fixing and renovating in my home!  So here I am going to share anything I learn and the knowledge, tips and tricks that I do have.  Hopefully, in the process I will show people that if you put in the effort, you really can do it yourself.

In my spare time, I also enjoy making things.  Woodworking, metal working, electronics, crafts and anything else that I need or want and think I can make myself.  So I’ll be sharing videos and articles here about those projects as well!

Thank you for taking the time to check out my stuff here, and I hope you find something useful and entertaining!